City Council Members – 2017

Working for you!

About the City Council

The Deer Lodge City Council is composed of eight (8) city councilors, a City Administrator and the Mayor. The city is divided into four (4) wards with two (2) councilors elected from each and the Mayor elected at large. Each member serves a four-year term of office with the terms staggered.

Mayor  Zane Cozby  

Brian Bender     

2017 City Councilmen

Thomas Malcomb         

Robert Stone          

John Molendyke   

Rob Kersch             

Terry Jennings      

Caleb Burton          

Rex Anderson        

Kyler Noel               

The Greatest responsibility of the City Council lies in its legislative activities, which include enacting ordinances, establishing policy and levels of service, adopting the budget, setting service fees and appropriating money to fund the city’s programs and services.

           The Mayor presides at all City Council meetings and is a voting member of council.